I love my job. I’m a party-thrower, a good-time-go-getter, an engineer of fun, a master of the menagerie… But most of all, I’m a wheel-greaser. My job, at its core, is to create an atmosphere around you and your company so unexpected that the deal has no choice but to get done. I use star-power to make your company a rockstar. I create the Moment of Motivation.


Picture this: At the beginning of the conference du jour, participants are invited to take part in your company’s concert night and left to wonder who the performer might be. After a day or two of monotonous breakout sessions and rah-rah keynotes, conference-goers file into the hotel’s big ballroom to find it completely decked out with a darkened concert stage and programmed music lightly flowing from the stacks of speakers one would expect to see on a world-tour, draped from ceiling to floor with your company’s logo. Amplifier lights glow on the stage foretelling what might be on the evening’s excitement menu. An announcement is made via the concert PA that the bars are open for business and the show will begin in mere minutes. The anticipation is palpable.


Above the stage looms a vast LED wall which suddenly comes to life playing a highly-produced commercial for your company and explaining why you chose to host this evening’s festivities. Perhaps it includes cameos by celebrities? Say, Samuel L. Jackson? Maybe Tom Cruise? You name it, it’s my job to find a way to make it happen.


Then, without warning, the unmistakable opening riff of Born to Run blasts through the room and The Boss himself runs on stage to an explosion of light, ready to take 1000 of your prospective clients on a 3-hour musical joyride.


After the first 5 songs, Bruce calls your name. You walk out onto the stage to a raft of cheers from your competitors and colleagues. You ask them enthusiastically of they’re having the time of their lives. They respond in kind. You and your company, not Bruce Springsteen, are the star of the show. For that moment you have your audience in the palm of your hand. You can sell them anything right then and there…


This is the Moment of Motivation. This is YOUR moment.


And I can create that for you.


Is it cheap? Absolutely not, but I can save you and your company hundreds of thousands of dollars through our relationships and strategic partnerships.


My company, Crosswind Events + Experiences, was created specifically to bring ideas like this to life. We will work closely with your team to create experiences for you and your clients that will last a lifetime and open the doors to business you never thought possible.


Like I said, I love my job.