Project Description

The corporate event or business conference should no longer conjure impressions of a staid, unimaginative affair where the most attendees hope for is a day away from the office routine. Whether a mom-and-pop operation or an international conglomerate, the corporate conference can and should be as unforgettable as a once-in-a-lifetime rock concert, while accurately reflecting the organization’s brand, motivating employees and providing a cohesiveness that increases productivity, loyalty and a sense of shared corporate values.

Accudyne Industries came to Crosswind with just such a mandate. As a fairly new international organization that acquired existing global business divisions – each with its own unique branding – the company sought a leadership conference that would demonstrate to attendees how each division could successfully operate both separately, as well as under the global brand umbrella of Accudyne.

In concert with the Center for Creative Leadership, Crosswind planned, named, organized and executed a leadership conference that motivated and inspired conference attendees to adopt and share the Accudyne vision within its business and sales organizations. For four days, 150 employees from China, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and the U.S. participated in activities, such as team-building events and breakout sessions, to adopt Leadership, Excellence and Vision themes for each day. And by “team-building events,” we don’t mean group sessions and a white board; among the activities Crosswind planned was an “Amazing Chase” scavenger hunt and a roundup-style BBQ event. Of course, any event in the Live Music Capital of the World that didn’t have live music and dancing would be unjust – so we planned that, too.

Attendees also took in a daily news recap, video and ongoing event follow-up. Ultimately, attendees and the corporate leadership gave the event resounding reviews, and the conference became an important step on the road to global organizational cohesiveness.